jo jena started playing the guitar at the age of 10 in berlin (the wall had just come down). teachers were arion levy, michael gechter and mike daliot. 1 of 100 guitarist in rhys chathamĀ“s “an angel moves too fast to see”. recipient of berklee scholarship. early solo works from 2000-2005. projects with ensemble modern junior forum, flowarea, bertram ritter and others. focus on independent solo guitar playing and recording since 2018.

this page features concert dates plus selected scores, transcriptions and etudes. please feel free to download and use jj’s written material for noncommercial purposes. in other cases please do not hesitate to contact the artist. find more scores on bandcamp-page (special items contained in album purchase).

for booking requests: contact jojena(at)posteo.de


“a truely unique and independent musician and guitarist”

lothar trampert

“with this realization and recording, jo jena has opened a new window on schoenberg’s work, lifting it out of the second viennese school and bringing it into our very timbral 21st century.”

E#, nyc june 2021